Fresh Design Base

Improving Efficiency Accross the Globe…..


Fresh Design Base (FDB) was launched in November 2008 as the brand behind software solutions aimed at improving efficiency within the design and construction industries.SiteP.A.D.™ is the companies flagship product and brings Computer Aided Design (CAD) to mobile platforms - the iPhone and iPad. This is the next evolution in tools for CAD dependent sectors, offering truly mobile CAD working. CAD users that have been, until now, been restricted to the office are now able to work anywhere.The product embodies the Fresh Design Base ethos of working efficiently. With SiteP.A.D.™ your business can save time, gain time, minimise negative environmental impacts associated with traditional means of sharing information (printed plans) and improve your resource management and work flow. Click Here to find out how SiteP.A.D.™ could help your business!